Author Read and Q&A

Thrill your young readers with a visit from Angelle. During a 50 minute class period, your class will enjoy an animated reading of HOW TO DECORATE A CYPRESS TREE. Angelle begins with an introduction so the children can feel welcome and willing to listen. Then, she will make remarks on Cajun phrases and pronunciations. After the reading is concluded, listeners will be able to ask questions about the creative process. 

Lesson plans are customizable by Angelle, a veteran teacher with 10 + years of experience in education. 

For audience sizes 5 - 50. Travel fees and accommodation may apply. 


Upper School Assembly

Conducive for a large all-school assembly, Angelle will speak about the creative process, behind-the-scenes publishing insight, and accomplishing your dreams. 

Angelle, like most young learners, had a dream -- to be a writer. But after years of putting those dreams on a shelf for fear of being judged of ridiculed, Angelle drifted away from her heart's desires. After years of learning to trust herself and learning the value of hard work, she was able to land a publishing deal. In this funny, poignant presentation, young audience members will be asked to examine their dreams as well as the manner in which they treat fellow dreamers. 

For audience sizes 50-1,000. 

For ages 10-18. Travel fees and accommodation may apply.