Mary Needs to Rest

On a special night in Bethlehem, a new mother named Mary fell asleep. Her baby slumbered too in a nearby manger.

All the visitors had gone. All the joyful noise was hushed. With only the barn animals awake, her husband Joseph stood watch.

“After this night comes the next test. Help me Lord. Mary needs to rest.” Joseph prayed.

Just then, the baby stirred as babies do. He wriggled until a little whine escaped.

Joseph didn’t know what to do. Only the animals saw his frightened face.

“It may not look it, but I’m trying my best. Help me, friends. Mary needs to rest.”

A nearby hose reached down into his stall. He pulled out a quilted saddle pad. Joseph gently laid the cover on the child.

Still, the baby stirred. A small family of mice scurried to the sides of the baby’s trough. They rocked it back and forth until it swayed. For a moment, the child wondered back to sleep.

But again, the baby awoke. This time, his cry was louder. Joseph looked to Mary, worried she’d wake too. A band of crickets hopped onto the back of a cow. There, they played a soft song to lull the baby back to sleep.

The baby fussed more. Finally, Joseph picked the baby up. As Joseph held him close, the baby cooed and peacefully drifted to sleep. He smiled at the animals.

“Thank you, friends. On this night, we’ve all been blessed. Now, hush everyone. Mary needs to rest.”

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